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Sonic Addict- SOLSC 5 of 31


The first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem. So I am admitting it. I Cori Gagliardi have a Sonic Addiction. When I see that yellow sign, all rational thought goes out of my head and the need for a drink replaces it. I drive past Sonic every day on my way home from work and every day I am tempted to stop and get a large, bubbly soda. I know it’s not a healthy choice. I know water is better for you. I know that spending $2 on drinks is a waste of money. But I just can’t help it. It’s like the Sonic calls to me from down the road. “Come buy a drink,” it commands. “It’ll be thirst quenching and delicious. Plus 0 calories if you get diet.”

Today was no exception. I left work thinking, I’m going straight home. I will not stop at Sonic. Do you know what happened? I stopped and got a large Sprite Zero with Cherry. Did I think about how my willpower is nonexistent or that I broke my goal to do no Sonic this week? Nope. All I thought was that I wanted some pebble ice and a tasty liquid. I know I should feel shame or at least a little regret. But, honestly, all I feel is refreshed by my heavenly carbonated beverage.



2 thoughts on “Sonic Addict- SOLSC 5 of 31

  1. I actually have a McDonald’s Dr Pepper problem. I have to tell you, when I read this title, I thought you meant an addiction to a sound!


  2. I know this all too well. When I lived in Texas, I was addicted. My favorite is a large Vanilla Dr. Pepper with extra ice. Sonic was my first job! I was a skating carhop. 😊


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