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Solace in Books


Today I am thankful for the written word and the fact I can still escape to the safety of a good book.

It was a lazy day and I didn’t leave the house. To me, there is truly no better way to “celebrate” the break then spending the day not traveling. I got up, got ready for the day and then planted my butt right on the couch with my iPad to read. During the school year I read, I read PD books, I read student papers, I read book club books. But I don’t have time to read my books of choice. Sure I listen to audiobooks but that’s not the same as sitting down and truly losing yourself in a story.

For my entire life, I have found solace in books. They have always been my safe space and happy place.  No matter what is going on in my life, a good book can take me out of it. When we moved countless times growing up. When family pets died. When my parents got divorced. Books were always there to help me through. While today I had no major life-changing events to run from, the sanctuary I found while reading was no different. As I curled up under the blanket with my dog on my lap I felt the world start to fade away. Instead of being stuck in Midland, TX, I was transported to a place where I was trying to stop terrorists from destroying the world with new aged technology. As I read, the stress of student worries, bills, and the upcoming state testing melted away.  I was left with all that really mattered, my book and me. Sometimes the break from the daily drain is exactly what the doctor ordered.


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