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Cotton Fields

Driving today from Round Rock to Midland, I worked to notice my surroundings. There were many things that caught my eye but none more than the fields. I was struck by the beautiful juxtaposition of last years fields and those newly prepared for the upcoming season. The idea of life and death so clearly contrasted inspired the following poem for two voices.

Cotton Fields

I am death

I am life

The Season is over

The Season is beginning
My fields have been stripped

My fields have been plowed

Left as bare as a tree in winter

Groomed to create new life

The farmer rakes in the riches I have grown for him

The farmer puts his blood, sweat, and tears into me

My crop is gone

My crop is planted

All that remains is abused cotton

Neat rows prepare to produce cotton

Soon the wind will carry even that away

Soon white clouds on stems will burst from my depths

Leaving only stable earth brimming with potential

Prosperous boll ready to be harvested

The cycle continues

Before long I will breathe new life

Before long death will call to me



7 thoughts on “Cotton Fields

  1. I love poems for multiple voices. You need to read this with someone … and record it … and share it! I once tried my hand at Poem for Five Voices — and then used online tools to collaborate on the recording of voices from five friends, in different places. It was very cool as an experiment. (I also do poems for two voices with my sixth graders in the classroom)


  2. This is wonderful… not only the two voices (which I love) but also the description. I have driven through that part of the country many times. Your description gives me a new lens to view the vast emptiness of land and sky that stretches for mile after mile.

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    1. For students who live in this geographical area, this piece would be a great mentor text — for noticing when there seems to be nothing (and also for two voices).

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