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Field Day Fun

Yesterday was Field Day at my school. The PE coaches tried something new this year where instead of classes rotating together, students were allowed to choose where they wanted to spend their time. Everything was run on a coin system. Green Stations earned coins while the red stations charged a coin. That way kids had to participate in some stations that required athletic skills while still getting to enjoy the fun things like blow up slides. This set up was also really great for the teachers who got to roam around and keep an eye on kids while participating in Field Day activities. I spent my time with my “partner in crime” Donna.


We started out our day by walking over to the giant blow-up slide. As you might imagine, seeing their teachers go flying down the giant slide definitely got some students attention. Quite a few of them rushed over to us to ask us what we thought of the slide and ask us what other activities we had done. This is where three of our girls joined us leading us to different stations.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 4.13.46 PM

Our next stop was the indoor slide. This one wasn’t a race and, it was a lot more narrow but still a thrilling ride. We all enjoyed climbing to the top before the plummet back to the safety of the cafeteria floor.  After our rousing ride, we decided it was time to move on to some of the other stations. We headed next door to play a life-size version of one of my favorite games…Hungry Hippos.

In hungry hippos partners work together to get to the opposite side of the gym and collect yellow balls into a bucket. I have actually done a similar version of the game with a cup and easter eggs in my classroom. It was really exciting to get to try the game out for myself. First, our girls showed us how to do the activity. Then, it was Donna and my turn. Being the truly competitive person that I am, we worked our tails off trying to beat our kids but, unfortunately, the girls beat us by 1 ball.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 4.14.20 PM

After hungry hippos, the girls decided it was time to go to some Green ticket earning stations. They were running low and even though Donna and I didn’t need tickets to do the fun activities, the girls did. Luckily, next to HH was a bouncy ball race. The object was to bounce all the way to the other side of the gym and back the fastest. I can honestly say, it was A LOT harder than it looked. But again, so much fun. It reminded me of my own field days when this was one of the best activities. We continued to some other green stations including, egg races, and throwing a football through a target.


Now with plenty of tickets in hands, we all headed over to get some temporary tattoos. The choices were abundant and we spent a few minutes trying to figure out which tattoo would be best. The girls went with little mustaches on their fingers while I picked a beautiful butterfly that matched my class shirt. Now even more glamorous we had a decision to make. Where should we end our epic field day?


After some consideration, we decided that it was best to end right back where we started at the colossal blow-up slide. The girls went and got in line as Donna and I talked with some of the other 5th-grade teachers. Donna didn’t want to go on the slide again but, I couldn’t wait to go soaring down again. I convinced one of my other team members to race. In line, I might have gotten a little too cocky saying I was going to win. She ended up whooping me but that’s okay because it was still a blast.

All in all, this was the best Field Day I’ve ever had and it has left me hungry for next year.


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