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Too Tired to Write


Coming home from school, I can hear my bed singing the sweet serenade of an afternoon nap. The exhaustion from the week has compiled leaving my body drained and my eyelids struggling to stay awake even to set an alarm. “Just a quick nap then I’ll do something with my Friday night.” I think as my eyelids droop closed for a final time.

The loud music startles me awake, my eyes pop open. 7:00. “That nap wasn’t enough,” I think as I reset the alarm and return to the land of dreams. Again the alarm screams pulling me from my sleep. 9:00. “I guess I should get up and eat my dinner now.” I think, upset by the idea of having to untangle myself from the soft blankets surrounding me. “Do I need to eat?” I ponder; playing the whats more important game with myself. Food, sleep, food, sleep. My mind bounces between the two ideas trying to make a decision between the two. Sleep I decide. Sleep is more essential.

I’m just about to close my eyes and drift away again when I remember…I haven’t done my SOL yet today. Dismay fills my body as I realize that I will, in fact, have to get up just for a couple of minutes to blog. “I’m too tired to write,” I think to myself. But, perseverance and a guilty sense of responsibility still drag me to my computer as I start my post. “Coming home from school…”


5 thoughts on “Too Tired to Write

  1. Your post perfectly captures the bone deep tiredness that I feel on Fridays! My friends not refer to it as my “Friday Funk” because they know I’m useless on Fridays. I hope you wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow!


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