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In life, there are two kinds of people. Those who can easily see at concerts and those who have to spend the whole time ducking, rocking and maneuvering to get a glimpse of the stage. Unfortunately for me, I am the later. Being vertically challenge is not something I’ve ever had a big problem with. It is one of those things that has always been a part of me so I’ve never really thought much about it; some people have blonde hair, some people have a nut allergy, I’m short. On the day-to-day, it’s not much of a problem but at concerts, it’s kinda a pain. That’s one of the reasons I like Stubb’s the whole thing is on a hill so, I can actually see over some taller people’s heads.

When Mom and I walked into the venue I could feel the air of anticipation in my fellow concert goers and was excited to see that even from pretty far back, I could easily see the stage where they were setting up for the opener. We positioned ourselves so that we were almost in the center of the stage and talked about how much fun this concert was going to be. Around us, others were doing the same trying to get in the best position to see the bands. The opener (Iron Tongue) went on and I happily nodded along to the music thinking about how great my view was. Then after the world’s quickest set change the second opener (Nothing But Thieves) went on as well. Again, I was pleasantly surprised that I could see the band and watch as the lead singer danced around the stage.

Then just as AWOLNATION was about to come on, tragedy struck. The worlds tallest couple came and planted themselves right in front of us. Now, I’m used to being blocked by tall concert goers but, my mom, on the other hand, is not. She was indignant. We spent the first song doing my normal concert going jig; bend to try to see around the person, tiptoes to see above their shoulder, shimmy to the left and see if that helps before a boogie in the other direction to start the whole thing over again. Needless to say, all the normal tricks weren’t working and my mom wasn’t having it. With a bold and vengeful move, she maneuvered into the minuscule space in front of the giants. I had no choice but to follow her or spend the concert alone. Squeezing in next to my mom all of a sudden I could see a glimpse of the stage. While at the beginning it seemed awkward, in the end, it was worth it when I was able to snap the super awesome shot of Aaron Bruno on top of the roof of Stubbs.




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